Brighton, MI Sprinkler Systems

Proper irrigation makes caring for your lawn and landscaping a whole lot easier, keeping your grass and vegetation looking lush and healthy year-round. At Absolute Lawn Services, we specialize in designing and installing high quality sprinkler systems that deliver consistent, even coverage across your entire property. We are committed to offering a wide range of sprinkler system services to ensure it properly installed, maintained, prepped for the changing seasons.

Sprinkler Installations

Our team is equipped with the extensive training and experience needed to expertly design and install a sprinkler system to meet your landscaping needs. During installation, we strategically route pipelines and place the appropriate sprinkler head styles to efficiently provide water to the different zones of your lawn and gardens. We also install control valves, timers, and backflow preventers.

Sprinkler Spring Start-Up

Before using your sprinkler system each spring, it is vital to have a spring start-up service completed by a professional. To prevent damage to your sprinkler system's pipes and components, we offer sprinkler start up services during April and May, carefully checking your system for proper valve operation, operating pressure, rotation, and zone coverage.

Sprinkler Fall Shutdown

Winterizing your sprinkler system is extremely important to prevent your system from being damaged by freezing water in the pipes. Each type of system requires specific winterizing services, including manual drains, auto drains, and blowouts. Our team is equipped to perform all of these services, ensuring that there is no water remaining in the system.

Sprinkler Maintenance

At Absolute Lawn Services, we properly diagnose and repair a variety of issues that can reduce efficiency, impact functioning, or cause damage to your sprinkler system. Our maintenance services include repairing clogged or leaking heads or valves, obstructions, overspray, missing or broken nozzles, pipe leaks and breaks, or design issues.

Get the lush lawn you want with a high quality sprinkler system from the professionals at Absolute Lawn Services. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive sprinkler services.