Lawn Fertilizing

A lush, green grass creates the perfect backdrop for the rest of your landscaping. In order for your grass to stay healthy and beautiful all season long it needs the right nutrients to thrive. At Absolute Lawns, we understand that lawn fertilizing is an important aspect of your landscape maintenance. Our knowledgeable team uses a fertilizer that incorporates the three most important elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium creating a lawn that is absolutely beautiful. We provide a wide variety of lawn fertilization services that can be customized depending on your grass type, time of season, and soil - making sure your lawn has the absolute best quality care.

Depending on your landscaping needs, we can offer two methods to fertilize your lawn and be the most effective for your grass and landscaping:

  • Granular Lawn Fertilizing: A long lasting and effective method that utilizes a slow, time released fertilizer.
  • Liquid Spray Lawn Fertilizing: A fast and effective fertilization method that allows the nutrients to be immediately applied to the roots.

Here at Absolute Lawns, our dedicated and experienced team can create a lawn fertilization plan that will work best for your lawn and soil. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.